Transition your IT infrastructure
from Managed Services to Shared Services

Many businesses are making a moved from managed services to shared services, as they enjoy the benefits of cost reduction associated with centralizing tasks and managing the delivery within their organization. That, coupled with the flexibility to compare their practices with those they choose to outsource, yielding the best service to their company is the reason Derex is excited to provide this service to support their transitions.

The difference between managed services and shared services is simple :

  • Shared Services - IT org becomes the internal service provider to the rest of the company; common IT functions are consolidated, rather than spread across and enterprise in siloed systems
  • Managed Services - Combined business processes and IT outsourcing are all done under one roof—somewhere other than the company—but with one outsourced vendor. Most businesses are leaning towards shared services, as they find it beneficial in identifying the strengths of their internal IT departments, and value of their services. New shared service clients also enjoy the presence of an internal SLA, which is offered to manage the progression of the transition.
  • Why Derex for Shared services?

    At Derex, we understand that economic slowdown has placed constraints on the enterprise IT budgets, across the market. Inadequacy in the scalability of traditional models, standards, suboptimal resource utilization, and lack of specialized skills are drivers for project owners, who favor the market demand for migration to shared services environments. This is why we have adopted a calculated approach, to minimize the costs associated with the transition. Our shared services approach is characterized by :

  • Consolidated, agile, and flexible shared teams with multi-dimensional skill sets
  • Enhanced knowledge base
  • Service and SLA driven approach
  • Tools and best practices
  • 24 x 7 availability of services
  • Operational efficiency
  • Highly available and scalable service
  • Standardized process and workflow
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Built-in resilience
  • Services Derex provides before creating the Shared Services space :

  • Clearly define scope of work
  • Define and Decide on SLAs as expected
  • Outline all processes (such as creating service catalogs, checklists, and governance)
  • Clearly define tasks at each support level (L1, L2, L3) with deliverables, roles, and responsibilities
  • Extend client ticketing and monitoring tools to offshore shared center
  • Maintain customer handbook for every customer