Derex Transition Management

Your organization will benefit from the seamless integration techniques that Derex uses in providing IT Transition Management services. Our approach to this complex process is very straightforward—we identify opportunities that we feel will strengthen and streamline your organization’s operations and we work to attain maximum results, at a lower cost than competitors.

From day one, when our clients give us to the keys to drive their organization to new plateaus in information technology, we assume the responsibility of ensuring that processes, policies, management techniques, framework, and all of the pieces align with their budget, company’s culture and organizational goals. That is the Derex Difference—to offer the exact benefits of hiring a large IT conglomerate, only without the responsibility of the client paying the massive, built-in overhead fees. We welcome you to experience the Derex Difference, hiring us to manage your project and execute the support services to ensure successful deployment.

Managing Risks in Transition

Derex’s transition approach is very practical and proactive. As with any IT transition, there will inevitably be issues, considering the complexity of such a project. However, our approach is centered on management of the risks, particularly applying our experience and proven techniques to mitigate and manage the risks. Our goal is to ensure that our IT services meet your business requirements, while preserving the integrity and quality of your company’s assets in the transition environment.

Derex is most effective in the transition process because we are seasoned professionals in technology. In layman’s terminology, “we know our stuff.” We work with the client to properly define the project details, identifying potential risks before any technical work is performed. Through strategic plans, communications of roles and responsibilities and project definition, we are able to apply our proven methodologies and processes, to drive your transformation with minimal risks.

We stress proper planning because, ultimately, it saves clients time and money. We exercise the preliminary steps to ensure that we have structured a strategic plan, which outlines milestones and expected outcomes. Transition is highly volatile, involves many teams, and leaves plenty of room for error. Our key success factor in managing risks is to predict risks, anticipate them, and have a plan in place to mitigate them as we step into the transition environment. This is how we meet our goals :

  • Assigning experienced resources
  • Establishing a timeline
  • Process/Methodologies Implementation
  • Establishing a joint governance structure
  • Implementing DEREX's Client Partnership Management Framework (CPMF)
  • Creating Synergy with Client
  • Communications Plan Implementing (focused on service delivery and personnel communication)
  • Knowledge Continuity and Retention

    At Derex, we understand that outsourcing talent is challenging. Identifying the talent, skills and knowledge set for the workforce is daunting and critical to the client’s future success. That why we have built a Human Resources (HR) component into our IT Transition Management approach. Our HR component is designed to deliver the necessary planning, communications and change management to make IT outsourcing a mutually beneficial experience for clients and their staff. The plan is designed to hold service delivery centric in our business model, address key questions and concerns, provide digestible guidance for new Derex team members, and highlight the benefits of an outsourcing partnership.

    We off customized solutions for the HR transition process, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Typical components include :

  • Well-Defined, Scalable Project Plan (Comprehensive)
  • Client Salary/Benefits Program Evaluation
  • Joint Decision Making on Harmonization
  • Joint Development of Communications Plan
  • Individually Address “Next Steps” Inquiries
  • Creating Stability through Operational Knowledge Transfer

    To maintain operational stability, Derex focuses on the quality of knowledge transfer, as it is fundamental to the successful fulfillment of the outsourcing contract. The outsourcing contract is the chief component in the equation, executing the knowledge transfer with competency controls the fate of the process. Our processes ensure that knowledge is reliably transferred from the client to Derex. Operational knowledge for each IT service is transferred through the following actions:

  • Review of existing documentation
  • Interviews and shadowing
  • Creation of supporting documents
  • Hands-on maintenance

  • The execution of each task is managed by a core team member, who shadows the client’s resources. They are trained to oversee the transfer and securing of knowledge to support and maintain each service to be delivered by DEREX. Full responsibility for managing IT service is assumed on day one, to ensure successful knowledge transfer and protection.

    Driving Growth through Sustainability

    Being sustainable in a marketplace requires constant evolution in services and products. As solutions providers, we have developed a set of ongoing focal points, which evolve as our clients’ needs evolve. All are rooted in communication with clients, as that is our method to guaranteeing our solutions are tailored to meet the clients’ needs. We deliver sustainability, which produces value, by knowing our clients. We analyze your business needs and formulate our system to align with your enterprise needs. Our rigorous project management approach and proven transition processes ensure a timely, economical transition. Some of our value-driven services include: