Data Center Transformation

Data center transformation is decomposing critical data into easily digestible information, so as to not compromise efficiency, security or experience loss of information. Data Center Transformation is one of the many services that organizations, worldwide, are seeking to maximize the performance of their IT infrastructure. Moving from silos to shared spaces greatly expands the IT scope of services and resources. We welcome the challenge of transforming your Data Center, maximizing its capabilities.

Services include

  • Technical infrastructure strategy and roadmaps
  • IT Process and Economics
  • Data center design and consolidation
  • Migration Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud strategies
  • Data Center Relocation

Nowadays, organizations have many choices when it comes to technical infrastructure strategy and road mapping. These strategies differ, greatly depending on the organization and the need. Taking variables into consideration each organization must weigh each method, aligning their services with their enterprise needs. It is important for businesses to employ IT professionals, experienced and fluid enough in technology solutions, to exemplify technical expertise in these various platforms. Derex has extensive experience in providing this level of strategic mapping across enterprise, government, education and healthcare sectors. Through our systematic methodology, we keep the elicitation of information centric in our business model. We place less emphasis on the physical IT infrastructure and more on the data you need to run your organization, efficiently. At Derex, we help client create a data center transformation roadmap that minimizes complexity, while significantly increasing your operational improvements.

Most organizations share a common complaint with IT department. The dreaded IT industry “lag” is the length of time it takes for departments to receive their IT technology. The lag can be attributed to several common causal factors, chiefly IT staff members, who often spend a great deal of time customizing IT resources and network services to match each request. This process affects the methodology of an agile project, delaying innovation and productivity.

At Derex, our goal is to help redefine this gap in productivity. We aim to help IT departments envision the cost savings, productivity improvements, and economic agility benefits they can attain by focusing on three goals. Once our clients can “see” these changes, we want to help them sprint to the goals, transforming the functionality of the IT departments. Therefore, we take a unified approach, with the goal of improving productivity and streamlining processes to deliver more economical solutions. Those three focal points are:

  • Reduce management cost as a percentage of total data center costs and remove management complexity as a barrier to further virtualization
  • Free IT staff from maintenance activities to focus on strategic projects that increase the organization’s competitiveness
  • Automate the provisioning process to allow IT to better align with the dynamically changing needs of today’s business
  • At Derex, our design team is READY to provide you with custom built solutions. We design the project from conception to completion, and provide services to support the consolidation of the data center:

    Design and Build
  • Data Center
  • Site Analysis/Assessment
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Modular
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Infrastructure
  • Needs Assessment
  • Application & Data Consolidation
  • Secure Transition & Restore
  • Project Management
  • Our approach to migration and planning is to document all data center relocation procedures and obstacles, all the way to success. Key strategies include:

    • Development of Action Plan (outlining migration tasks)

    • Lessons Learned Review

    • Utilization of Project Management Best Practices

    The move towards more modernized storage solutions led Derex to mastering Cloud solutions. For our clients, we offer an assessment of several variables to determine whether or not implementing Cloud strategies are best suited for the client (Private/Public/Hybrid). Some of the ITEMS we asses include: business needs, client workloads, data security, system costs, etc.

    Strategically, we work to offer the following strategic services to allow us to determine the most suitable solution for each client :

  • Perform Portfolio Assessments
  • Perform Pilot Migrations
  • Update Applications
  • Standardize/Consolidation of current IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud System Implementations include :

  • Private Cloud
  • Service Desk/IT Service Mgmt.
  • Workplace as a Service
  • Unified Communications
  • Hybrid Cloud/Service Integration
  • Derex is a most trusted partner for Data Center Relocation services. Our team has provided this service for many clients, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our pride lies in the quality of our data center relocation services. We assume a hands-on approach from start to project completion, utilizing a proven methodology when handling a customer's data center relocation initiative. We customize each step in the process to accommodate all environmental requirements, with sensitivity to the interconnected hardware products, software, custom applications, cabling, miscellaneous devices, and power. Clients can trust Derex to manage every aspect of the relocation, ensuring risk management processes are conducted, guidelines are followed and all provisions are made to ensure a seamless end-to end Data Center relocation.

    Our Data Center Relocation Services include :

  • Preparation & Planning
  • Develop Data Center Move Strategy
  • Physical Inventory Analysis - Server and Storage Systems
  • Pre- and Post-Installation Services
  • Data Consolidation and Migration
  • Moving Services (Hardware & Equipment)