Derex is a Global IT services company serving customers to strengthen, transformation and simplify business in 5 cities including USA, Canada and India. Serve customers by leveraging our broad industry expertise and vertically aligned business model.

Derex provides an environment that is promising to an employee’s professional and personal growth, in terms of respect for one another, teamwork, trust and integrity, in line with Company Core Values. Each day at work brings new excitements and enthusiasm. With casual attire and stimulating atmosphere, our employees are always beaming with positive energy to do something new and innovative. Our work culture encourages open channels of communication, a flat hierarchy, informal environment, teamwork, and respect to new ideas and thoughts.

Standing strong on our principles of strategy, service and teamwork has grown Derex from a mere vision to a trusted global services and solutions provider in the field of Information Technology. Offering the latest in IT software consulting and development services--ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 enterprises-- Derex remains on the cutting edge of client service and satisfaction. We provide our clients the comfort in knowing that they are entrusting their organizational transformation to a credible, seasoned company. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), helping many clients satisfy their MBE requirements and compliance with associated reporting and governmental regulations.


At Derex, we do more than just offer services to clients. We partner with the best to produce the most innovative, valuable accelerators for your organization. We provide services from the upper echelon of the marketplace because our mission to find master solutions for, even the most complex business challenges. Our products and services span a variety of industries and institutions, including:








Clients / Partnership

At Derex, our processes create the foundation for client-customized solutions, facilitating the delivery of higher ROI to our clients. Here, we leverage proven frameworks, process accelerator and resource utilization models to ensure that our clients experience exponential growth. As our clients grow, we understand that there will be new obstacles, better technical solutions and more efficient solutions, from which our clients may benefit or learn. Our commitment is to remain on the cutting edge of talent and technology, so that we can meet our clients where they are and help them surge to new heights. We are proud to share, with you, some of the successful businesses we have partnered with, to provide various services and products:

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with leading companies to enable us to provide complete and comprehensive solutions to your business and expand our service offerings.