IT Infrastructure Services

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Since inception, Derex has focused on IT Infrastructure Management Services for large enterprises. Our portfolio boasts Fortune 500 clients, representing multiple industries and sectors. Derex infrastructure support services are primarily designed to cater Systems Monitoring, Administration, Database administration, Middleware Administration, Storage Management, Backup & Recovery and Tools Administration. Current heterogeneous environments having complex Hardware & Storage devices, Operating Systems, Databases, Application Servers, Monitoring and Governance Control Tools from multiple vendors and open source technologies and tools, will require specialize, skilled, technically advanced talent to manage such infrastructure components.

Along with experience, what separates Derex from every other Information Technology solutions provider is our talent pool. We hire forward thinking technology professionals who strive to elevate our global footprint to new echelons. So, whether our clients require onsite, offshore, T&M, or managed & shared model engagement, the Derex team is readily available to oversee the topic with comprehensive understanding and effective actions. We are an award-winning organization, and we are proud to deliver our clients top-quality solutions, just at a lower cost than our competitors.


Derex System Administration Support covers a broad territory. We are experts in providing services for Windows and UNIX on both physical and virtual servers ensuring server up-time, performance management, resource utilization and security, which hosts thousands of databases and business applications. As enterprises transition into building their own virtual farms, we are capable of providing the administration services to administer the system changes. Our team meets the industry demand of 24/7 availability and zero down time.

Day to day operations and maintenance includes:

  • Implementation and operational support of all aspects of servers, desktops, terminal servers, networks, application virtualization and storage to Virtualized Infrastructure.
  • Server Provisioning, Migration, Troubleshooting,
  • Solid understanding of VMware virtualization products and be able to troubleshoot and resolve software, hardware, configuration and operational problems across the VMware and Wintel platforms.
  • Experts of multiple vendor technologies and platforms including VMware, Microsoft Windows, HP, IBM and Cisco
  • Configure/Maintain Load balancing or HA clustered environments using Solaris, Linux, HP, IBM or MS Windows, Veritas with Veritas clustering technology.
  • Monitoring to ensure proper operation, including optimized performance, connectivity, disk usage, I/O
  • Factual performance analysis, advising and making changes to existing service configuration
  • Maintaining Security software-including firewall configuration
  • Cycle or restart servers or hosted services on client request

Basic Database Administration Covers

Database Creation, Migration, Upgrades and maintenance. Schema, Profile Creation & Management, Monitoring, Backup & Restore, Capacity planning, Performance management & Query Tuning. Data security and auditing.

Database High Availability Capability Support

  • Oracle HA Solutions: RAC, Dataguard, Standby Database and RMAN
  • SQL Server HA Solutions: Mirroring, Log Shipping, AlwaysOn Failover
  • Cluster Instances or Availability Groups
  • Sybase ASE HA options

Database Replication Support

Replication products offered by most of the database vendors help organize establish Synchronous & Asynchronous replication topologies. Derex SMEs helps customers configure & support advanced replication technologies such as:

  • Oracle GoldenGate (Enabling replication between Oracle and Non Oracle databases)
    Oracle Streams (Enables propagation of data, transactions & events within or across database/s.)
    Sybase Replication Server

Derex MW Administration

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Server Upgrades and Migrations
  • Sizing and Capacity Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Build & deploy scripts for automation of day to day tasks.
  • Security management within the Application Server & Web Server environment.
  • System Integration & App Specific Configuration for UAT & Production environments.
  • Tuning
  • Cluster Configuration to provide increased scalability and reliability.

DEREX consultants have been managing SAN & NAS storage devices from Leading Storage Vendors such as: EMC, Hitachi and Netapp. Extremely higher reliability, availability and scalability are the key consideration for every layer of infrastructure stack, whether it is an underlying storage or operating system, databases, applications servers or applications. New arrivals in Vnx, VMax or in SAN space or Netapp Flash Array to latest FAS Series products, ensuring zero down time, building client confidence. Our capabilities include:

  • Storage Administration capabilities includes supporting EMC, Netapp, Hitachi, IBM Tivoli Storage Technologies
  • Storage installations & provisioning
  • Manage Host Level tasks to access Storage
  • Optimize Storage utilization
  • Capacity planning
  • Migrations across Storage Technologies

When it comes to protecting your digital assets, continuous data monitoring and data backup are vital. If disaster strikes and you don’t also have proven solutions for data prioritization, data restore, recovery and business continuity. Derex Can Help by engaging our extremely technical, highly trained cloud DR experts can ensure that your data is recoverable and restorable and that your servers and full data environments are up and running again in acceptable Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
Services broadly covers:

  • Design of Enterprise Backup Strategy
  • Implementation of Backup , Recovery and Archival products
  • Symantec – Netbackup, Backup Exec
  • EMC – Networker, Avamar, Data Domain
  • IBM – Tivoli
  • LiveVault / VaultLogix
  • HP – Data Protector (OmniBack)
  • Monitoring and performance optimization of backup infrastructure
  • Migration of Backup Infrastructure

Most of the large enterprises implemented IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework which describes how IT resources should be organized to deliver business value, process documentation, functions and roles of IT Service Management (ITSM). ITIL Version 3 adopted more of a lifecycle approach to service management.
Tool Kits were developed to effectively manage various facets of ITIL such as:

  • Service Design (Service Catalogue management/Availability Management/Capacity Management)
  • Service operations, (Service Desk, Event Management, Incident Management, Problem Management)
  • Service Transition (Change Management, Assets & Configuration Management)

Proactive event monitoring and management has become a vital function, helping simplify management of complex IT environments. To effectively perform these functions, we utilize tools, which perform alert notifications, and central points of control for process scheduling. Coupled, they form the integral components of any large enterprise IT Infrastructure operating on ITIL framework.
Tools Administration expertise broadly covers support for:

  • ITSM Services
  • BMC Remedy Service Management Suite
  • IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • HP OpenView Products Suite
  • Nagios Suite of products
  • Work Load Automation
  • BMC Control-M
  • CA Workload Automation (Formerly CA Autosys)
  • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler